White After Labor Day? Yes, Please.

Will you be wearing white after Labor Day? I will! To be honest it seems like a pretty snooty rule that was made years ago. But rules are meant to be broken so...yes, please! I have been scrolling through Instagram recently, and by recently I mean 16 hours out each day...everyday lol. I have noticed a lot of my favorite influencers wearing white booties. Now, I'm not the kind of girl who will wear a lot of white anyway because black seems to be my go to uniform but I am also not one to shy away from trying a new style I really like. I did some research i.e. trolled each influencers page to see what brand they were getting these lovely white booties from and I noticed they were all in the $150 and up range. Which is great, for a decent pair of boots that will last you a few seasons but I was looking for something a little more affordable to kind of dip my toes in and try this trend out. I swore to myself I would stop buying things I didn't need from Target, but I got sucked in and found not one but TWO pairs of white booties/mules that I could just not pass up. Best part is...Both of these are under $35!! The white booties is $34.99 and the white mules were $11.48! (at my store at least) Regularly $22.99. And if you're smart like me, you'll have the Target Red Card and save an additional 5% EVERYDAY!! Sign up here, and you can thank me later! ;) Check back to see how I style these beauties! xx Emily

White After Labor Day? Yes, Please.JPG