Style File - Nightstands. Matched or Mismatched?


Up until recently, I had always typically used one nightstand on the side of my bed. When I moved home, I purchased two different nightstands. This one from West Elm and another from Target. Please take note that up until this year...I've been crammed into a tiny room in a tiny apartment in either Los Angeles or back here at home in New Hampshire so that meant space for one or none. I have always had a more eclectic style so when it came to the Matched or Mismatched debate it made total sense to me to have two different pieces. By having two nightstands I was also able to have a lamp on each side too! #Adulting I know...

Style File - Nightstands. Matched or Mismatched?.jpg
Style File - Nightstands. Matched or Mismatched?.JPG
Style File - Nightstands. Matched or Mismatched?.JPG

My favorite little nightstand I scored at Target for 50% off is no longer available, BUT I found three similar styles here, here and here. If you are the type that can hold off on buying from their trendy home section you can usually score 20-50% off a few weeks after they are introduced. If you are like me you can't wait but sometimes you get lucky and get a price match ;) Speaking of saving, I found a similar nightstand to my West Elm Terrace nightstand here. However, West Elm usually has a good sale every few weeks so sign up for their emails to get notified like I do!

What do you prefer? Matching or Mismatched? I’d love to hear from you!

xx Emily