3 Reasons I Quit Fussing with my Brows and Started Using Boy Brow


Hi! So, before I get to the 3 reasons I quit fussing with my brows and started using Boy Brow, let me tell you a little bit about my eyebrow journey. It was bad. I was very bad at doing my eyebrows. In high school I plucked so hard that I was missing half of my brow. I ended up making the other one the same because I thought it would help. But, to be honest, I think I only made them look worse. I've never had dream eyebrows that were so on fleek everyone wanted them. I did start filling them in once I moved to Los Angeles with the help of my friend Nicole. It was only then that I would get compliments on how good...or how bad they looked (yes, I had a co-worker who made it a point to tell me how much she didn't like my eye brows, and yes, people are rude). When I found Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil I was in heaven. Truly changed my look from 2014-2016. But 2017 is different. 2017 I discovered boy brow, and I couldn't be more excited to finally feel like I can rock a more natural brow once again with the help of this amazing product. Here are my 3 reason I quit fussing and started using Glossier's Boy Brow.


1. Lazy Girl Routine? No it's More like Smart Girl Routine. I have read articles about Boy Brow with editors saying this is a lazy girl routine. Well for some, yeah it might be less involved in creating the perfect brows. But for others it is just enough to make you feel flawless every. single. day. 

2. Simple. This brow routine is very simple to do. Match your color (they come in four different shades: clear, blonde, brown and black). I am using brown. You just brush on, making sure you have good coverage, fluff them up a bit and you are finished. That's it.  

3. Natural. I said before, I have never had great brows, but for some reason, putting on boy brow makes me feel like I have the natural looking brows I've always wanted. I used to never be seen in public without drawing on my eyebrows, but after using Boy Brow I have become more comfortable in my own skin. I even think that my eye brows have started to fill in since I stopped using a pencil and sketching them on everyday, lol. 




Sure it's not Dior, Chanel, or MAC. But I'm not one to cake on my makeup. Not anymore anyways. I want a fresh look. The no makeup makeup look. Glossier allows me to feel that barely there makeup look in a few simple steps. Lazy? I don't think so. Smart? I'd say yes.


Don't be fooled. And don't let anyone make you think that your routine is lazy or not average. You, do you! Check out my SHOP page to purchase!