Currently Coveting // Three Things

As I'm writing this its my 'Friday', yay!! After working six days in a row, finishing up my fifth term of this school year and feeling ready to crack, I am finally ready to relax! However, that involves meetings and errands that must get done before another long work week. Here are the three  things I'm coveting this week:



L-R  Striped Dress , Gold Sunnies.  Striped Dress,  Long Sweater.  Vertically Striped Dress .  Striped Shirt , White Denim.  Striped Shirt , Jean Shorts. 

L-R Striped Dress, Gold Sunnies. Striped Dress, Long Sweater. Vertically Striped Dress. Striped Shirt, White Denim. Striped Shirt, Jean Shorts. 

A staple in any LA it girls wardrobe. My favorite way to wear is paired with a denim jacket and black ripped jeans. If you're looking to add stripes to your wardrobe, start simple and keep it to a minimum. If you're daring, go for the full outfit! To slim it down, pair with a jacket, blazer, or sweater. 



  Clockwise from top left.  White Skirt,  White Top.  White Skirt , White Sweater.  White Shirt Dress .  White Tee .  White Button Up . 

 Clockwise from top left. White Skirt, White Top. White Skirt, White Sweater. White Shirt Dress. White Tee. White Button Up

Clean, crisp, and a Spring go-to. Whether you are running errands or heading to a backyard soirée, white is fresh and makes me think Spring. It reminds me that warmer weather is around the corner! I've never personally worn all white, but I think I'll give it a try this Spring. My favorite look is a white tee or button up, worn with a sweater or jean jacket in cooler weather. 


House Plants. 

Cat lady? More like plant lady. One of my favorite things to buy right now is house plants. I'm working on the keeping them alive part. (Post to follow on that) Ever have major regret after not buying that beautiful plant? I have. IKEA had  the most adorable plants a few months back, I decided to take a chance and come back for this particular plant. However, when I returned there were only two left. Not too impressed by the condition I passed on them again, thinking 'oh they will get more in'. Wrong! Now they are all gone, and I'm regretting it major! Moral is, if you see something you want, BUY IT! It might not be there when you return. 


Thats all for Currently Coveting this week!! See you soon! xx